How to Buy Gold or Silver in Five Easy Steps.

Investing in physical gold or silver may seem quite daunting at first, however portfolio diversification is really a very simple process. Having a good sense of what you want gold/silver to accomplish is helpful.

Five Easy Steps:

1. Decide how much money you would like to invest in Precious metals, either in quantity or by dollar value.
2. Call us on (04)4990050 for the latest prices and if required, discuss any questions you may have with one of our advisors.
3. You can place your order on the phone, and a confirmation of order will be emailed to you. Payment MUST be made same day as order, or simply come in store and order pay and collect.
4. Remit payment by either direct debit, cash or bank cheque.
5. You order will be fulfilled and you may come and collect from our store. At this stage we are not doing deliveries.