Jewellery manufacturing

We don't just manufacture jewellery; we create masterpieces made of platinum, yellow, rose or white gold, silver and/or pearls, with cutting edge design. All our jewellery is crafted by our talented and qualified goldsmiths.

We design and create exquisite jewellery of the absolute finest quality

We guarantee first class quality and friendly, competent service. By selecting a piece of fine jewellery from us you have formed an alliance with a strong partner and one that offers a five-year guarantee for any manufacturing fault, conditional upon us making a free regular inspection every 12 months over the ten-year period.

Jewellery cleaning service for life

For added piece of mind, we offer a free jewellery cleaning service for any item purchased from us, for life.

Jewellery repair services

Our jewellery repair services are extensive. Combining in-depth experience and state of the art technology, our jewellers have the ability to repair items to a pristine condition.

We provide the following services:
1. Jewellery remodelling

As life changes, so do our tastes. Jewellery with sentimental value may no longer reflect your style.
Discuss your desired style with our jewellers to once again have a modern piece of jewellery that reflects your image and will be loved and cherished forever.

2. Eye wear restoration

We repair the full range of metal eye frames, using the latest laser welding technology, promptly and effectively with titanium a specialty.
All repairs undertaken by us are guaranteed to be completed promptly and efficiently.

3. Jewellery engraving

With precision hand engraving or high quality laser technology and your preferred font, engraving can be applied onto the following items:

  • Precious metal jewellery: platinum, gold or silver
  • Shields, trophies and cups
  • Family crests and seals on rings
  • Tankards and hip-flasks
  • All quotes are based on method of engraving used and complexity of the job.

    4. Valuations

    Our qualified experts assess antique and modern jewellery, usually for insurance purposes.